Advanced Imaging

Advanced medical imaging at Petfocus Vetcare plays an important role in allowing the veterinary team to diagnose and treat your pets medical condition. Imaging with our advanced equipment allows the most suitable course of action and treatment options for your pet, giving them the best chance of a speedy recovery.

At Petfocus Vetcare Albury-Wodonga, we are able to offer the most advanced forms of veterinary imaging available on the Border.

Computed Tomography (CT Scan) Albury Wodonga

Petfocus Vetcare have recently installed a human grade 16 Slice GE CT scanner which allows sensitive assessment of the brain, body cavities and spine.

A CT is a form of advanced imaging that uses Xrays to image the body in three dimensions.
Even with such an extraordinarily fast system, veterinary patients must be anaesthetised and immobilised to perform most studies, but the period of anaesthesia is short and the value and volume of the information derived is great.

CT scan costs are covered by many pet insurance company. A full CT scan including a radiologists report can vary, depending on the circumstance. It is best to phone our team to discuss your pets CT needs.

Ultrasound Albury Wodonga

Ultrasound / Ultrasonography is an imaging technique which enables our team of veterinarians to peer inside an animals body, aiding our ability to diagnose many medical conditions.

Ultrasound equipment varies greatly. At Petfocus Vetcare we utilise advanced technology which allows us to zoom in much closer, giving us a good look at tiny details such as intestinal pathology, pancreatic tissue, lymph nodes, adrenal glands and much more. Our cutting edge technology allows for pregnancy diagnosis in dogs and cats as early as three weeks.

Ultrasound studies often require some form of sedation to help your pet relax, however in many cases, our specially trained dog and cat nurses provide the comfort your pet needs to allow for a sedation free study.

X-ray Albury Wodonga

Radiography is a common diagnostic tool routinely used by our veterinarians to assess for trauma, examination of lungs and abdominal cavity.

At Petfocus Vetcare, we use cutting edge technology which includes detailed dental radiography to assess your pets condition.

X-rays, like our other forms of imaging are non-invasive and generally can be performed with little or no sedation, making it a quick pain free and accurate diganostic tool.