24 Hour Emergency Vet Servicing Albury Wodonga

Like humans, some of our pets will experience some form of medical emergency during their lifetime. This is often a terrifying time for owners and causes great distress amongst family members and your pet. 

Veterinary emergencies can include things like car accidents, major lacerations and puncture wounds, snake bite, seizures, choking, difficult births, burns and ingestion of poisons like snail or rat bait.

At Petfocus Vetcare we understand that this is exactly when you need us most and no matter what time of the day or night our 24 hour emergency Veterinarian will be there to answer your call.

Our emergency vet will help you assess the situation over the phone and provide you with the appropriate first aid measures to allow you to safely transport your pet to the clinic.  Upon arrival, our emergency vet will examine your pet, give you an estimate of costs and with your approval, they will provide emergency treatment.

Rest assured that from this point you will be kept informed of your pets progress on a regular basis whilst they are in hospital.