Paws For thought

These are original articles written for the local newspaper, The Border Mail to provide education and information for pet lovers.

Grass seeds

Grass Seeds This year has been an exceptionally dry weather year. We did not get much rain over winter and the drought through northern and

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How hot is too hot? Did you know that instead of sweating, dogs eliminate heat by panting? They do have some sweat glands in the

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Canine bloat

Canine bloat Do you own a Great Dane, German Shepherd, Weimaraner or similar breed dog? These breeds are susceptible to a life threatening condition called

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Pet Treats

Why ‘made in Australia’ has never been more important for your pets’ treats It has recently been alerted to Veterinarians of Australia that there has

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Emotional contagion

Emotional contagion A new study reveals that if you’re suffering from chronic stress, your pet could be feeling it too.  We now have evidence that

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