July 3, 2018

National Desexing Month

National Desexing awareness month is next month (July), we thought it relevant to provide you with up to date information regarding the desexing of your pet. Desexing is recommended if you are not going to breed with your pet for a few very important reasons. To eliminate some infections that can occur. E.g. pyometra (infection […]

June 16, 2018

Breeding with your Dog

It is a nice romantic concept to ‘allow your dog to have one litter before desexing’ or ‘letting the kids experience looking after puppies’, but the reality is that breeding takes time, effort and money and is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. There are many breed associations that have very stringent rules surrounding […]

May 29, 2018

Toileting Issues in Cats

 When it comes to owning a cat, litter tray issues and inappropriate elimination in the house can be common problems for cat owners. There are numerous possible reasons for why these issues occur, including the type of litter used, lack of appropriate litter trays, pain, illness and behavioural considerations such as anxiety. All feline households […]

May 15, 2018

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Grief is a topic that is rarely discussed and usually avoided. People often feel they don’t have the ‘right’ words to say and therefore say nothing at all. Unfortunately grief is often experienced when you have pets as it is highly likely that you’ll outlive your pets. In this sense, grief is expected when you […]

May 2, 2018

An update on Canine Vaccination in Albury-Wodonga

An Albury-Wodonga Update on Vaccination and your Pets With the growing concern of infectious disease, especially parvovirus in dogs in the Albury-Wodonga area, it is a good time to talk about pet vaccination. Part of owning a pet is the responsibility to maintain their preventative health care via vaccinations. As a young puppy or kitten, […]