Petfocus Vetcare Cat Hospital Albury Wodonga


In October 2018, Petfocus Vetcare opened the first regional cat hospital in NSW. This state-of-the-art facility neighbours the Petfocus Vetcare Albury-Wodonga Dog and Exotic pets’ hospital and is a segregated area for the medical and surgical treatment of feline patients.

The cat hospital allows a fear free environment for cat patients with separate car parking to the front of the building with a very short walk to the front door, a separate cat hospital entrance and cat only medical and surgical facilities.

Waiting Rooms

Our cat only waiting room has a relaxed environment allowing for your comfort and your cat’s comfort with secluded cat parking in carefully designed cat boxes in a quiet environment. Whilst waiting, have a refreshment on us and enjoy the antics in our spacious glass cat play area. We use cat friendly pheromones to help your cat’s visit be as stress free as possible.

Mobile Vet Service

It is always best for veterinary care to be delivered where we have access to all resources for your pet.  However, despite our extremely cat friendly and convenient cat hospital sometimes it is too difficult for you and your cat to visit.  Conveniently, we have a mobile service that enables a vet or a vet nurse to travel to you. We can provide pet pick-ups, medication drop offs and tailored visits to your home. Call us to find out how we can help make things easier for you and your cat.

Consultation Rooms

Our cat only consultation rooms provide a quiet environment for your cat’s examination. Each examination room contains provision for stress free weigh ins and a noise shielded environment for your cat’s comfort. Each of the consultation rooms have been designed with care allowing your cat to remain cosy and at ease during a veterinary examination.

Petfocus New Consultation Rooms

Visiting Rooms

Visiting Rooms

The cat hospital has been designed to welcome you to visit with your cat if they need to come into hospital for a stay, or to play with one of our adoption kittens. The visiting room is designed with the home in mind, allowing for a very natural environment with couches and a cat play area, giving you a relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital.

The Adoption Centre

Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art cat adoption facility which is fully glassed, with its own heating and cooling system and fabulous entertainment opportunities for visiting cats or those up for adoption.

Please come and visit us if you are looking to adopt a cat. Often the cats in our care have a special story and are in need of a loving home.

Petfocus Vetcare Kitten and Cat Centre Front view

Diagnostic Imaging

Petfocus Vetcare Surgery Theatre

We use digital imaging technology to achieve superior quality images which allow us to email specialists and attach important images to your cats file. Digital radiography has revolutionised feline dentistry and we now offer full mouth radiographs of our patients to ensure the best and most effective treatment available.

Modern ultrasound facilities enable us to examine your cats’ internal organs in a non-invasive and non-painful way. We use ultrasound for simple things like checking bladders and complex procedures such as cardiac ultrasound and biopsy.

Lab Facilities

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer our patients the most modern of In-House lab facilities allowing fast accurate test results to be delivered in a matter of minutes. This allows our veterinary team to provide more prompt treatments, particularly in a critical or emergency situation. 

We also have a team of pathologists available around the clock to give expert and specialist opinions in tricky cases.

Lab facilities


Cats are special beings and with special beings comes special requirements. And pharmaceuticals are no exception. It is always best to talk with us before considering treating your cat with anything, including any flea control products that you are not sure about. Many pharmaceutical and parasiticide treatments can be toxic to cats so it’s vital to get the correct information.  We have an extensive cat pharmacy at the hospital which allows us to prepare the most appropriate treatments when your cat needs them the most. 

We can also arrange delivery of your cats’ medicines by post or in person. Just pick up the phone or jot us a line to ask how!

Petfocus Pharmacy


Operating room

Anaesthetised patients lose body heat rapidly during anaesthesia and surgery. We do everything we can to keep them warm. We use Bair Hugger technology that circulates warm air around your cat captured by special blanketing material. We also use special fluid warming devices attached to intravenous fluid pumps to ensure that liquid going in to your cat is warmed to perfect temperature. Our strict climate controlled hospital takes care of the rest!

During anaesthesia, your cat is strictly monitored with advanced multi-parametered anaesthetic monitors to keep tabs on all of their vital signs ensuring the highest level of anaesthetic safety.

Operating Theatre

cat hospital operating room

All feline surgery is performed in our purpose designed sterile cat operating theatre. The theatre has been designed with all of the latest equipment and an allowance for fabulous natural and surgical lighting.

Hospital Day Wards

Our hospital beds have been designed to allow maximum comfort and minimal stress. The bases are made of a warm synthetic similar to fibreglass which allows minimal noise transmission and heat loss.  Our patients are able to stretch out and we have provided cat caves to give our shyer patients a place to retreat to. Our bedding material is called Dry Bed which is a very soft bedding type much like lamb’s wool in consistency and comfort, the big difference is it remains dry for the patient even in the face of a large spill!

Our chemotherapy and radiation ward provide our high-level care patients the same exceptional standard of care with the added bonus of a quiet protected facility in which they can have their treatment, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the clinic.

Cat Treatment Area
Petfocus Day Wards 2