A Lovely Consideration for Greyhounds as Pets

More and more families are considering rescue animals as pets and Greyhounds are no exception and they can make the best pet! 

They are gentle, affectionate dogs that (surprisingly) do not need excessive amounts of exercise.  A 10-15 minute walk 1-2 times a day is often enough. Greyhounds have short energy bursts and don’t need long lengthy runs. They can be quite playful dogs that also love a cuddle on the couch. They don’t bark much and have short hair so excess shedding is not much of a problem. Generally they are good family pets.

Most greyhounds are retired from the racetrack and there are some different companies that retrain and assess the dogs behaviour, then rehome them to suitable families. By getting a greyhound from one of these organizations you can be sure that their behaviour has been thoroughly assessed and that they are a suitable dog for your family and home.

In the past, whenever a pet greyhound was out in public they had to wear a muzzle (usually a wire bucket muzzle). In NSW from the 1st July of this year the legal requirement for pet greyhounds to wear muzzles in public areas no longer applies.They will still need to wear a muzzle in off lead areas unless they have gone through an approved retraining program. Once the greyhound has gone through such a program they are issued with a green collar and their owner will have a ‘proof of completion’ card. Dogs with this collar and card will not need to wear a muzzle in off lead areas either.

If you are considering getting a new dog a greyhound may be the breed for you. But it is always important to research the breed you are getting to ensure your new dog will fit into your family and lifestyle.

Written by Dr Selma Fuijkschot BVSc

Petfocus Vetcare 


black greyhound