An Issue Close To the Heart

There’s nothing quite like looking into the sweet face of a gorgeous puppy or having your day brightened with the playfulness of a new kitten. Its all very tempting to make that hasty decision about adopting a pet and taking that leap of faith with incorporating that someone new into the household. Tragically, far too many Australians take this leap without taking into full account of how much of an impact a pet can make on a household. There is pet food to buy, mess to clean up, vet bills to fund and unfortunately sometimes these pets end up at our Albury-Wodonga Pound as they have escaped or wandered, been surrendered or worse still dumped. Essentially this leads to many once loved pets ending up at the end of the line awaiting their fate at the hands of rescuers and those that are kind enough to manage the day to day care of unwanted pets at the Borders Albury-Wodonga Pound.  Following this Easter, there is a record number of animals that have found themselves victim to poor parenting. Most of these animals are utterly adorable and I have had the first hand experience of meeting them this week and carrying out their health and temperament checks. It’s upsetting for me as a healer, but also a constant stress on the team at our local rescue centre that there is a never ending cycle of abandoned animals. Many of these beautiful animals will never receive the home that they deserve and will face the fate that none of us wish to think about. 

As a passionate and professional pet loving member of the community, I feel there are only two ways that we as local residents can offer to repair a dire situation, and we can ALL offer it.  


cat and dog together


The second way that the community can aid the unwanted pets in the Albury-Wodonga Pound is to promote their adoption. Wether it be jumping onto the Albury-Wodonga facebook site and adopting them yourselves, or looking to share the news of needy Pound pets looking for forever homes with family and friends, you can help and everyone can make a difference.

Next time you are considering welcoming a beautiful pet into your family, please spare a thought for our furry unwanted friends out at the Albury-Wodonga Pound. The most rewarding thing in your life is very likely to be knowing that you have given another precious piece of life a deserving second chance.

Written by Dr Renee Pigdon BVSc MACVS

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